Made for: Anime Expo '03
Worn to: Animazment '03, A-kon 14
Notes: I just HAD to make a Battle Royale costume, and Mitsuko just ownz all your panties, so it was a perfect fit. After much toying with the idea, I finally sat down and just made the costume. This was the first costume I ever used a pattern by myself on, so it was very interesting. Towards the end of making the jacket I just threw out the pattern the finished it with common sense and practical application. I was a little hesitent adding blood to it, but I figured that there were too many girls who made a Battle Royale costume then chickened out on the blood, cause that's the best part. My friend Enishi made the collar for me, so I didn't have to do that >D I made the sickle because I wanted to be recognized as Mitsuko and because props make for more interesting pictures. I LOVE this costume so freaking much. I will probably get the most usage out of this costume becuase it's easy to pack and it's so very very comfortable, and being angsty and such is so fun XD~

Favorite part of costume: The sickle, and blood. Mau.
Least favorite part of costume: The skirt and socks. =p

Photo credits: Kyle, Maboroshi and Al.

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