Made for: San Diego Comic Con '02
Warn to: San Diego Comic Con '02, Comic World '02, Ani Magic '02
Notes: This is another product of Justin and Nessa work. I bought a Renassiance wedding dress pattern which was exstremely complicated so Justin workedit out and (just becuase he's Justin) did most of the sewing. Flower hair barrets were made from scratch and the flowers on that back were made by buying $80 worth of silk flowers and vine and cutting and attaching/glueing the flowers onto the vine. The Chii Ears were made by Yaya Han and were shipped to me as test versions (Free! Yay yay! I lurve mah Yaya X3). You may contact her if you are interested in your own pair.
Yaya's website:
E-Mail Yaya:

Favorite part of costume: Everything.

Least favorite part: I have bad memories in this costume... =\

Pictures 1-3, 5-7,11, 12 by Lala, 4 by Kyle, pictures 8, 9 and 10 by B.J. Thompson

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