Made for: Ani-Magic '02
Warn to: March 9, 2003 photoshoot, A-kon 14
Notes: This costume was made for Ani-Magic '02, however, when I saw the new Yuna design, I shoved Dita aside and put her off until the awesome oppurtinuty I had to wear her at the photoshoot. My friend Mel showed me a picture of the dark Chii costume that she was making for A-Kon 13, and I started drooling over the Dita artwork in that picture. After getting Chobits volume 5, I fell head over heels for Dita. She's so awesome! I loved cosplaying her and can't wait to at a real con! =D It has since been improved prior to it's wearing at A-Kon 14.

Favorite part of costume:The whole freaking thing XD

Least favorite part: The seem up the back.

Modified (improved) version:

Photos by Al and Psythe, March 9, 2003 photoshoot version:
Pictures by Kyle>

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