Made for: Ani-Magic '02, later modified for Ani-Jam '03
Cons wore to: Ani-Magic '02, Ani-Jam '03
Notes: This costume was really first worn at Ani-Magic '02. I saw the poster (and only) the poster artwork of Yuna from FFX-2 and flipped out. It was about a week and a half before Ani-Magic and I decided that I would make her for it. I didn't care, and still don't care, that I had no pictures of the front of the costume and wore it out of pure fandom (I got a lot of heat for that too). Since Ani-Jam '03 I have remade the hood and skirt, for accuracy's sake, however, I'm still nbot satisfied with the skirt so I will be remaking it again, hopefully for AX'03. As well as the belt, which was peiced together in the car, on the way up to Ani-Jam, with no reference picture. I still ahve much more to do on this costume.
Old Version
Ani-Jam Version

Favorite part of costume:The shirt. I spent hours and hours on that sucker. I'm very happy with how it came out.

Least favorite part of costume: The skirt and the belt. >o The belt is ugly and rushed and even though the skirt looks better then the first, there is still a LARGE room for improvment.

The guns in this pictures were thoughtfull provided by Nyanko-chan. She rules yo!

Pictures by Kyle, Al, Maboroshi

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