Made for: A-Kon 13
Warn at: A-Kon 13, Anime Expo '02
Notes: This entire costume was made from scratch. There are 13 buttons on each side of the pants, and the collar and sleeves were edited into the pattern used. I used my italian boots (hehe, that just sounds cool) and black gloves to complement it. The wig I bought and styled myself, it was my first at such a severe change in a wig, but I think it looks ok. ^_^ I can only get better from here!

Thoughts on costume: When I first thought of doing Kyo, it was just for the J-rock competition at A-Kon. I would go up, sing a happy go lucky Japanese pop song, proceed to make an ass out of myself and then be done with it. I never thought I would look good in it, in fact my first reaction was, "I'm just going to look like a scrawny white girl trying to be goth." However, when I got home and saw pictures of myself in the costume, I was VERY surprised! I was so happy with the outcome, I don't think I looked stupid at all, in fact I'm looking forward to wearing him again! ^_^ Yay, my first crossplay! XD

Pictures by Lionel, Lala, Nando, Fansview and J-Kub

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