Worn at: J-Con '02, Fanime '02, AX '02
Notes: This costume was origianlly made by Tristin Citrine. At her birthday celebration of 2001 (Camp Spankies) I didn't really have an *apropirate* costume to wear out on the strip, so she let me wear Lala! It was sooooo fun! Anyway, for my birthday of 2002, she gave the Lala costume to me! XD It was the best birthday present I ever got! SO SWEET! *o* ::dies:: I love this costume sOoOoOoO much!

Favorite part of the costume: Big 'ol fluffy pants! XD And I'm a magical baby! XD

Least favorite part of costume: I have to watch that hat...

Pictures by Shaun Charney

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