Made for: Ani-Magic '01, later modified for A-Kon 13
Cons wore to: Ani-Magic '01, A-Kon13, Ani-Magic '02
Notes: This was a silly little idea I had and had to make. It's not a well made costume. I didn't really sew any of it, it's mostly glued. It was made purely for fun. Also, when I made it, I had no idea how popular moggle cosplay was ^^(). The reason I call this FFIX Mog is because I based it off Eiko's companion Mog. The red ribbon I have with this costume is there to symbolize the ribbon Eiko and Mog exchange when Eiko finds out Mog's true identity. Also, I think that Eiko is the cutest thing and her relationship with her moogles, and esspecially Mog, is very heart warming.

Favorite part of costume: The collar and the bootie thingies X3

Least favorite part of costume: The skirt, it's just so primitive...

Ani-Magic '01 version:

A-Kon 13 improved version:
Pictures by Lionel, Al and unkown

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