Made for: May 4th picnic
Worn at: May 4th Picnic, Animazment '03, A-kon 14
Notes: My original FFX Yuna costume was stollen out of my roomates car, so, with the help of my best friend, Adella, we remade the costume. It was so much more difficult then the first one because of the emotional attachment I had to the first. That was my first costume and the only costume I've ever won anything for, so I was upset to know it was stollen. I even cried when I first saw myself dressed up as Yuna again cause I'm a huge mushy dork who loves Yuna and misses her first costume and hand beaded obi. Picture of the tears: Tears

Favorite part of costume: Again, just being Yuna. Also, the wig is so amazing! I love the wig, skirt, OBI, everything, hehe...

Least favorite part of costume: I got a Yuna burn when I wore it at the picnic! I have a white line up my back now. =p

Maboroshi's photos @ Animazment '03:

May 4th 2003 photoshoot:

Photos by Kyle, Sana-chan, Aimee, Lionel, and Joe Boeing.

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