Made for: Ani Magic '02
Worn to: Ani Magic '02, Camp Spankies '02
Notes: Thank GOD for Char, or this costume wouldn't have happened. She found and send the blue and white stripped fabric to me because she is a Goddess *-*. I didn't use any pattern for this outfit, instead I took a dress my roommate bought and used that as the out line for the skirt and top. I did the same thing with a shirt for the black sheer top, which is a nylon strech. Lastly was the sleeves, and then *poof*! Rachette ^_^

Favorite part of costume: The sleeves, skirt, and peticoat.

Least favorite part of costume: The top is extremly tight x_x No bending.

Photo credits: Al, Van, ObsessedWithAnime,, Ken, and unknown

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