Made for: Fanime '02
Warn to: Fanime '02, A-Kon 13
Notes: Very simple Monkey girl costumes I wanted to make due to my severe obsession with monkeys. Perhaps the most difficult part of this costume was the ears. ^^() I made it all from a dark brown fur that was the same as the moogle fur I used, and a light brown/tan fabric that was thicker and a pain. I basically measured, cut and found a way to keep it attached to me. Made the tail and ears out of wire and glued the first around it, also made the headband out of the same wire. Aded left over hair exstentions from Wedding Yuna to the ears to hide the wireing.

Favorite part of the costume: I'm a freaking monkey yo!

Saru 01 Saru 02 Saru 03
Saru 04 Saru 05 Saru 06 Saru 07
Pictures by Al and unknown

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