Made for: Fanime '02
Cons wore to: Fanime '02, A-Kon 13, Anime Expo '02, SDCC'02
Notes: This costume, when I'm wearing it, feels like a dream. I said I was going to do it, I bought all the stuff, but when I accually put it on, I couldn't believe that I was accually wearing it. I had much help with the pattern and straight seems from my good friend Justin. In total this costume cost me $300 and incorperated over 28 yards of frabric including the veil that I took to the con, but did not wear. The prime fabric (The base of the dress; the crepe) cost me $100 just for that. This costume is one of the single most elegant things I've worn in my life. I have gotten much use out of this costume, and I intend to get even more.

Favorite part of costume: Train and wings (And of course being Yuna, my most favorite character ever!)

Least favorite part of costume: The wings are strapped very tightly and I'm exstremly parinoid about getting the gloves dirty ^^()

Pictures by Lionel, Mandy, Arty, Al, and Raidr1.

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