Made for: San Diego Comic Con 2001
Awards won: Best in Show: Craftmanship group (Anime Expo '02), Anime Pavillion 3 place price - $50 booth credit (Comic Con '01), Cosplay Closet hall award (Comic Con '01)
Worn at: San Diego Comic Con '01, Ani-Magic '01, US Japan Expo '01, Fanime '02, Anime Expo '02
Notes: This was my first costume and has gone through many stages, yet you really can't see them all. For SDCC'01 the obi (yellow part) had no flowers or designs. They were added after the con, for Ani-Magic.

Favorite part of costume: Just being Yuna and the sleeves ^o^

Least favorite part of costume: I can't sit down or lean back x_x

pictures 1-10 by Lionel, 11 by Al, 12 by Raidr1

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