Ani-Jam 2003

Location: Fresno, CA
Date: March 28, 2003
Costumes worn: FFX-2 Yuna - Gunner
Ani-Jam was accually a real surpise. Being so small and so late, I didn't expect to have a really good time, I just thought it would be a good oppurtunity to advertise and wear my new Yuna costume. I accually did have a lot of fun. Lionel was there, which always makes things fun, and the people were really nice. The people who run Cosplay Underground hosted the event and was very well done for a small, cosplay party as it was. I got to meet Tot and get to know her a bit. She wore her Beremode costume from War of Genesis III part 2 and won best of show in the masquerade contest! Sarah wore her wallmarket Aeris and got some cool pictures on the staircase in the hotel. It was also a good oppurtinuty for Kyle to test out his new camera in a more or less convention enviornment. I'm glad I went because it was very kicked back and fun. I hope they throw it again next year ^__^

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