Comic World 2002

Location: Little Tokyo, LA
Date: Sep. 2 '02
Costume(s): Chii

Comic World was an exstremely small con that was held in the Little Tokyo district in downtown LA. It was accually really fun. I went with my cosplay friends: Jen, Bri and KT, all of whom are in Sailor Jamboree. I wasn't there for a long time, we had a photoshoot with our friend Lala before hand and skipped over there afterwards. It was put on by Japanese women and men who could barely speak English. They let us in free because we cosplayed, which was really nice, though to get in it was only $5, but it was a very sweet of the coordinators reguardless. After a quick fashion show type thing, we were interviewed by the staff. That was really fun cause no one's ever interviewed me before, and they thought we were so funny... that of which they could understand. They had small time dealers there and lots of artists. I bought this really cool Chii and Sumomo stiff card board cut outs. They're so cute! After the con, the lots of us there went out to dinner at the Little Tokyo plaza. It was great fun! Uber small, but sometimes those are the best. ^_^

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