Ani Magic 2001

Location: Lancaster, CA
Date: October 5th-7th, 2001
Costumes worn: Mog, Summoner Yuna

Weee~ Ani-Magic has to be my favorite convention to date. I had such an awesome time there! People were GREAT, cosplay was so laid back and Kitty and I wrestled for the first time >D

We got there Fiday afternoon and when we got into our room, we just randomly started wresting... and it was extra special becuase out room, on the first floor, over looked the Japanese garden so, by nature there were people out there, and his one guy saw as, pointed and laughed. XD It was so great. It's a tradition now. Kitty put on Evil Mai and I put on my Moogle. I proceeded to run around like a mad moogle trying to find Yaya. She had e-mailed me about taking a photo shoot in her Lulu and my Yuna, when I read that e-mail I was ecstatic. However, in m happy madness I-left-my-yuna-skit-at-home. I was irate and SOOOO upset about this because that was my main costume AND with out it I couldn't take picture is Yaya as Lulu. My saftey net happened to be my Oh-so wonderful Mom who I lvoe to death, who air-mailed it up to me Friday morning. So, I had to find Yaya and ask her if it was ok if we did the shoot on Saturday. She was giving her cosplay panel with Steph, who had awarded me at SDCC, and the Neko twins and someone else who I can't remember. It was so cute, when I walked into the panel, Yaya wasn't talking but she looked over and when she saw my moogle she exclaimed, "OH HOW CUTE!" And giggled. I waited till her panel was done and I was able to get her to take pictures with me on Saturday morning IF, and only if, I helped her into Lulu. After this I ran around ike a crazy moogle and took pictures, found people I sorta knew, and had a blast. After opening ceremonies, Kitty wanted up to go to the party in the garden, but she wanted us to mach so she had me wear Black Mai @_@ I looked so stupid. Anywho, some people took our pictures, we got one with Charlene (XDDD) who was wearing her Mai and it was all fun. We then stopped for Karaoke (weeeee~). I ran back to the room to get my CDs and when I came out I sat with Yaya, Angela and her sister Lisa for a niiiiiiiiice chat. That has to have been my highlight of Fiday because it was just so relaxed and we jsut talked about stuff, it was so great! Anyway, I then ran back to karaoke and entered my song, which was "Suteki Da Ne" from FFX and sung it shortly after Kitty sung her song, "Fly me to the Moon". After this I chased Shaun around for some strange reason and Kitty flirted with the guy who did Duo's voice on Gundam Wing XD~ After this we went to beeeed zZzZzZz...

I had a wake-up call for 8:45 so by 9 I could go up and help Yaya into Lulu. I showered and got dressed in my morning zombie like state and went up to her room. I helped her put on the top portion of the costume and the small belt on the arms as well as podwer her back. We then went back to my room and kitty told me my skirt had arrived *yay* I litteraly ran to the front desk to pick it up then ran back. I hurriedly got into Yuna, did a piss poor job straightening my hair (It looked so terrible) and we went out to take pictures! We found Hai on his Auron costume and he joined us for a miniture FFX group. It was grand fun. After this Yaya went to her j-rock pannel and I chilled with Shaun. We got some lunch, went back, sat by the pool and ate. God only knows where Kitty was durring this... oh yeah, take a bazzilion pictures in Regular Mai @.@ I went and exploded a bit, cheacke dout the dealers hall, bought something and went back to my room. Apon leaving my room I ran into Justin, Kitty and Shaun talking about doing a skit. They then had me be King. So the plan was that Kitty would be Mai, as would Justin... and Shaun. @.@ However, we had switched our Shaun Mai to a Mikey Mai, which worked out way better. After alot of suffle, we picked music and I went back to the room and laied down on my stomach and took a brief nap. Kitty then came in to the room, woke me up and changed into Bloodberry. After this it's really blurry so I don't know what happened, but eventually I ended up with Justin and Hai and we went back to his room so I could change into the Kind cosutme. IT WAS HUGE! Al;s way to tall for me to barrow his costumes. But it worked out OK. After we were all ready we went out for the masquerade. We dicided apon and practiced our skit why we were backstage and the masquerade was going on. We got up there, had a blast and went back stage and took mad pictures. As the award ceremoney was going on I looked onto the stage, when suddenly Yaya is motioning for me to come up on stage. I look around and point at myself when I realize our group had won something. OMG, it as so crazy. Steve Bennett had awarded us with is "Crying Game Award." Later, when Lionel put up his Ani-Magic report, he labeled our skit, which was named "King of Fruits", and I quote, "The craziest skit of all time @_@ You had t be there." After the masquerade Kitty and I went to the dace for a breif amount of time, I met Sarah who told me to come in the jacuzzi with them later. I ingnored and went to see the Masqurade replay in I think I-Play's room. I can't remember which. I then went to met Sarah, got tired then at 4:00a.m., went to bed.

I woke up late, I was so tired, and decided not to put on one of my 2 costumes. The big thing on Sunday for me was: Finding my CD case with all my CDs in it... including my $60 FFX OST I won off Ebay. ;_; After running around looking for it all day, Kitty FINALLY found it at registration. *Sigh* you cannot even begin to imagine my relief. After this Kitty and I packed up and I got my thumb smashed in the trunk door. Oww. I ran, alone with people tailing me, to the bathroom trying not to scream (And doing a pretty good job of it because I was able to say good by to Wayne-sama and Tiffy and them while running) When I fianlly got the bathroom, I stuck my thumb under the faucet. This was a bad idea. I screamed out in pain FINALLY. It was so ugly looking, lol, I lvoe it. I got a bandaide, screwed around a litle bit more... then we went on home!

That was my Ani-Magic experience! And I LOVED it. I can not wait for 2002! XDD

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