Animazment '03

Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: May 23-25, 2003
Costumes worn: Gunner Yuna, Yuna, Mitsuko

Friday was ALL plane for me!! =D But I did get in jsut late enough to meet Maboroshi and hang out with Sarah. I also met Hannah Friday night. She just sorta came up to us while we were sitting on the floor and sat down. I turned to her, spazzed cause I recognized her face and she intorduced herself! She's so fricken nice! I love her bunches! I also met Cody, whose freaking AWESOME btw, and he knows it! XD

Got up, put on X-2 Yuna, went downstairs for the X-2 group, got lots of pictures! Christy was so nice and let me use her Tiny Bees in some pictures ^^() So any pictures you see of my with pretty guns thus far are her's, lol. Got some pretty pictures with Hannah and Sarah! Then put on my normal Yuna costume, hung out for a few hours, got more pictures. Then, I put on Mitsuko for the first time, MWAHAHAHA, she's so now one of my favorite costumes cause she's SOOOOOO comfortable!!! *o* THE most cosfortable costume I have to date. Better then Kyo cause there's no wig! =D The also showed Battle Royale at AZ! If I'd known I would have watched it ;_; The best part of AZ happened when these guys who just walked out of the Battle Royale showing, saw me, and like, flipped out. It was so sweet. I chatted with these guys for a bit, they were so freaked cause they'd just seen it. They were awesome! They really liked the movie so they were so happy to see me cosplaying it XD~ Made my con! Hung out, then went to bed.

Not much, we checked out, Kyle got like two more pictures, then left!

Animazment was like an east coast Ani-Magic to me, jsut with less people I knew and less cosplayers. It was really laid back and just fun. I'm really glad I got to meet Cody, Maboroshi and Hannah, oh! and Jessie. I'm glad I got to see Christy and Carolina again too. =D It was just a really fun fun con XD~

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