San Diego Comic Con International 2002

Location: San Diego, CA
Dates: August 1st-4th, 2002
Costumes worn: Dark Chii, Wedding Yuna, Chii

Tuesday & Wednsday:
For me, the convention started on Tuesday, not Thursday. I went in and worked Exhibitors registration again this year. Maya remembered me, which was awesome because last year she really liked me and I was her little errand girl, as was the case this year as well. However, I felt a bit more important this year because I was helping out Gabe, who was taking care of all the money and non floor related problems, with the erxhibitors who hadn't givin us a Californina sellers number. I was able to pick up on how to deal with them without any instruction, it was just common sense and observation. I also help out with many floor problems, one with Bandai and the Game-Spot people. I was very happy that I could help XD twas awesome, I hope they staff me next year! >D

I was going to cosplay in Thursday, however i couldn't find my sleeves for Yuna so I didn't. However, my Chii ears arrvied in all teh fuss and so I just wore those, with different colored eyes and Yuna hair XD They were awesome, thanks Yaya! *o* I spotted Wayne in his Tidus and hung out with him and Kitty until Sarah arrived and then hung with her. I LOVE shopping at Comic Con, it's the best becuase Kinokuniya has a booth there, AND, Kotobiyuka has one also, and Kotobiyuka is like a PUREPLY Final Fantasy merchandise booth and it rocks my world!! They remembered me from last year, it was awesome! XD "You were that girl as Yuna last year right?" XD I bought, that day, a Chobits Navigate book, and the Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega book. It was really expensive and it's HUGE! I lurve it! Sarah also gave me 2 of her FFX posters and a bought a Totoro backpack XDDD AND lastly, I bought a gray small yuna tin form the Kotobiyuka people ^_^

I wore my friend Mel's black Mana dress she bought from Justin with my Chii ears for a makeshift dark Chii. ^^() It rocked though, I also took a thong to pose with! It was really fun. I found the new model of Tifa Sarah really wanted and put it on hold for her. Once she got there, I took her to go get it. I did some mroe shopping, got the Auron vinyl figurine from the Kotobiyuka booth, also got a Totoro plushie for my mom, Ayu's "Free & Easy" single *WAI*, Dark and Light Chii pin, Rikku pin and a Totoro pic for da mummers. I pretty much just spent the rest of the con time sitting with Sarah, Al and Kyle at the cafe where we finally saw the SJ girls and I goof around with them, they were doing a Lord of the Rings cosplay and I hung a thong on Chrissy's arrows because she did Legolas. XD That was awesome. I then pretty much got scared of the pretty elf's wrath and went home to finish my masquerade costume.

I wore wedding yuna for the people at the Kotobiyuka booth because they really wanted to see it ^_^. I went to the maditory masquerade meetting, got smart with Malice because she wasn't goign to let Gina and CHrissy, my stage hands, back stage. That really ticked me off, but I wasn't going to cause a huge tado considering Hiromi and Bob were right behind me and I felt very uncomfertable. They were also right infront of mt in the line to turn in my music, more of me being uncomfertable. Anyway, after that I went down and I saw Huy, who was cosplaying Tidus, and also with Sana-chan and her cousin who were regualr Yuna and Lulu. I was really nice to meet some new people! We had a little FFX group going for a little while. Durring this I bought the Seymore Evolution figure, the other tin they had out which was blue and purrty from Kotobiyuka who then game me a free poster! WAI!! It was Yuna and her Aeons, oh ho ho ho, and also bought the Chobits postcard booklet, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and a little tiny Pyoko figureine that was really too cute to pass up ^_^() After that I worked on my costume a bit more to add detail an stuff and then basically waited around for the masqurade. I hung out with Gina, Chrissy, Vicky, KT, and Lionel for a while, just sitting arund being weird. Was mistaken in my Wedding Yuna costume for first Tifa, then Aeris, and now Karrie wont let me live it down. Got Gina, Chrissy and KT tickets to the masquerade because first off Gina and Chrissy were supposed ot be my stage hands, so they didn't get tickets, and then KT was promised work backstage but then they didn't need her so she didn't have a ticket either. Got into costume, Lisa was SUCH a huge help, her and this other girl who's name escapes me, I believe it was Natalie, they were angels to me! *o*. Preformed, waited, got swarmed by photographers and then went home early becuase my feet and ears were killing me. x_x

I didn't go to the con on Sunday because I was feeling really sick. I wish I had though becasue Mel was there andI could ahve gotten great deals on things!! ;_; But, health is really important. I love my Comic Con!!! *o* < // Back