Fanime 2002

Location: Dallas, Texas
Date: May 30 - June 1, 2003
Costumes worn: Mog, Kyo, Wedding Yuna, Monkey

Thursday was really fun. After my flight, which wasn't really that bad or too long (I just drank too much between Pheonix and Dallas x_x) I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get from terminal B to terminal C, where the hotel was. This took be about 45 minutes of running around iwth REALLY heavy luggage up and down stairs, on and off buses. x_x But I finally got there and *poof* Yaya was right there to met me ::molests fox tail XD:: After some chatting and looking at art we went out to dinner, we were both starving O_O. Sonn after Aimee shown up and then Erika and Eric with Nate as well. We got settled in... then really just went ot bed. ^^()

We all got up early and Yaya ran down to get her art up for the art show. Aimee, Erika and I all got into costume; Aimee in her Chrono Trigger cave girl, Erika in Dark Chii and I put on Mog. After this we all went down and I met up with Yaya and helped her into her Chii costume. After this: pictures pictures pictures. Okay, we set up the art booth in the artist alley, which was really more like a swap meet then an alley. Anyway, I sat and watched Yaya's table for her, sold some art, killed time, yup yup. Yaya and I then went back to the room and put on our Kyo costumes for the J-rock thingamabob. I felt stupid the while time thinking, "I must really look like a stupid little scrawny white girl trying to be goth -_-()" Anyway, I made an ass out of myself in front of lots of people *w00t* and watched other people do it as well. I then stopped by Lindze's pannel and Mel and I desided to go get something to eat, in which I didn't really eat anything. Luckly we got pizza earlier though. Next... DUEL JEWEL CONCERT! OH YEAH! That ROCKED! Nate and I pushed our way up to the very front *gomen gomen* and so I was right on the side where Shun was playing the majority of the time. XD He and I made little awcknowlagments of eachother in thisd period of time; peace signs, smiles, ect. I also teased the lead singer with his obsessive blowing kisses, that was fun. The concert rocked though, I'm soooo glad I went. Afterwards I got to meet them in their back stage area with Yaya and Nate, that was awesome also *-* So fun so fun! Shun also gave me one of his picks/washer things. That was sweet. XD Anyway, I got changed out of Kyo and into comfertable stuff and went to the dace where I freaked with Yaya, Jenny (mostly Jenny) and Elly. That was also very fun. Then he DJ played lame ass music, so we stopped.I hung out with Jenny and Duncan after this, then went back to the room rather late and couldn't sleep so yeah.

I put on Wedding Yuna and went down to Yaya's booth around 8:30-9:00 A.M. Yaya and I took a little bit of pictures together in our Yuna's, however it was cut very short because some ass hole left a full can of Dr. Pepper on the ground and as I was trying to lay in front of Yaya's massive Yuna-ness and put my train all out nice, I knocked this can over and got it on my train. I freaked out, yes yes I did. I can't dry clean Yuna, and I can't use like ANYTHING on the crepe I used, sooooooooooooooo I freaked out. Yes I did did did. Anyway, after that fun, I went back to the booth and sat in for Yaya as she went off and did her guest stuff. I wondered around with some people, who I can't remember, but that didn't last long. I remember the huge thing with the women who was buying some peices of Yaya's art and had to leave to the airport like RIGHT then, but wanted Yaya to sign them, however she was at her pannel and I didn't want the women to leave without geting them signed... yatta yatta. Luckly she got them and they were signed *yay!*. Next I got out of Yuna and talked with Mappy and Reveal a while while people were in line for the Masquerade. I didn't watch it, so I went back to the room and took a nap for about 2 and a half hours. I woke up to hear that Erika, Eric and Nate won best of show!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! w00t-ness! XDDD I'm so happy for them, they really deserved it. ^^ I threw on Monkey breifly then took her off. ^^() Usually Saturday is the most hectic day of the con for me, however, this one was very relaxed. Friday ownz that title.

On Sunday I put in Monkey again briefly and basically slept most of the day. I went to the Duel Jewel unplugged concert, however I left before it started because I was feeling not to great a so many people in that little space and I didn't want to stand the whole concert, so I left and hung out with Eric and Emily. I saw Duncan and some other people off and then... hung out more. After this I went BACK up to the room and slept a bit more... until Sunday night when I got up, starving because I hadn't ate ANYTHING since Saturday which was only a slice of pizza ^^() I had a burger at the bar with Bill and Erika and people. ^^ We then watched Kodocha in Big Danny T's room, however, I was so tired because I hadn't gotten any sleep Friday or Saturday, so I just slept and slept. Yaya got back from the Guest and staff dinner and was really tired too... so we slept ^^()

Basically all Monday was was packing, saying a few good byes then heading off to the airport. Everyone else flew in American Airlines, however because I had my ticket emergancy and had to take what I could get, I flew in on America West, so I was in a completly different terminal, so I had to leave a lot eariler then other guys ;_; Yaya gave me her promised Roalty print (I think it's the 2nd print of it) and a Tidus print *bishie bishie!* and I was off. I got some food then went home ^_^ When I got back to San Diego I met up with my mom *hearts* and gave her her Cat Bus keychain which she really liked, I'm glad. ^_^

A-Kon ROCKED! I'm so glad I got to meet people like Emily(Thank you soooooo much for the monkey!!!), Duncan, Christi, Twinkle, Phillis Phillis (however brifly, I'll see you at AX XD), Mappy, ERIKA AND ERIC OF COURSE! You guy rock, Nate ^-^ you the most sexu-est Laia! XD Bill, you're such a sweetie! And everyone else. You're all great ^_^ I hope I see you guys again at future cons, yup yup!

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