A-KON 14

Location: Dallas, Texas
Date: May 30 - June 1, 2003
Costumes worn: Dita, Rachette, Gunner Yuna, Yuna, Mitsuko

I got up, moved from Kyle and Sarah's room to my room at the main hotel, put on Dita then went downstairs and the next few hours are a blur. I did meet Psythe and Erilan from Cosplay.com, they were totally awesome. Erilan is so tall! And Psythe is such a cutie pie X3 I'm glad I'll get to see him at AX to =D He was uber nice. I forced myself around like 5 pm, I think, to go put on Rachette for a few pictures cause I finally made the garter for her. My wig was AWEFUL and I was blowted so the costume didn't fit right. What was supposed to take about a half hour to put on turned into an hour and a half because I was all alone and could barely deal with it. Again... the wig was just... AWEFUL. On the elevator ride up to take Rachette up, and the elevator rides at A-Kon are oh-so fun *sarcasim*, this guy pointed at me and said, "you're Rachette, from the Sakura Taisen movie..." I was like, floored! No one has *ever* recognized me in that costume save for my friends! It turns out this this guy, Daniel Kanemitsu, worked as a translator for the Sakura Taisen movie and translating Rachette's name posed as one of the biggest difficulties. After must toil, she was dubbed "Lachette" (say with a French Accent). I wish I could have put on Rachette again on Sunday so he could get a picture, but I over slept and couldn't because of check out. He did, however, draw me this AWESOME picture of Rachette that you can see here. After that I got into normal clothes and hung out at the booth Al stole to play music and print out pictures and I dubb this table the cosplay.com table =D

I couldn't get ready until Sarah brought my the hair straightener, so I got a late start. I put on X-2 Yuna, did my hair, then went down. To my surprise there was only a total of 3 X-2 Yunas at Akon, including me. Lots of people got pictures and many people sat down and spoke with me and got my website address! I hope they read this =3 It was so hot that my hair didn't keep its style and my make-up was blah from sweat. A-Kon was just *too* hot to cosplay at, unless you were trying to look blah and/or were wearing a wig, i.e. Mitsuko or Dita. Later, before the masquerade, I put on normal Yuna and wore that for about 2 hours before the heat from the wig and obi got to me. I then took her off and threw on Mitsuko, complete this time with blood on the body >D. There was a Gatts cosplayer there! I got some pictures of him, even him with my Gatts doll, and hung out. Later, I was out of costume, going back and forth from Karaoke, the Cosplay.com table and the dance. Saturday night was awesome.I got to see Sherwin plastered XD~

Basically packed up and left ^^()

A-Kon was awesome, better then last year. I got to meet new people and hang out with people I haven't seen since last A-kon, like Erika =3 I look forward to next a-kon cause it will be in a different place! =D I hope I can go!!

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