Ani Magic 2002

Location: Lancaster, CA
Date: October 4-6th, 2002
Costumes worn: Mog, Rachette, FFX-2 Yuna, Chii, SJ's Squall

Kyle, Sarah and I left a little later then planned, but it didn't really effect much stuff. The drive was surprisingly short and Kyle and Sarah together are quite amusing. When we got there we unloaded the stuff and I stored it in their room until Angela arived. I got into Mog (first time since A-Kon) and ran around for a bit. I bought Sarah a birthday present: A Yumi pin from Chobits and the FFIX piano collection. I hope she liked it ^^() I then went to Char's pannel and harassed her the whole time XD I did a good job of getting her off topic ^_^ "It's a toe, like.. on your foot!" XDDDDD Anyway... as the sun was going down I put on Rachette (took my time doing it too) and met up with Char who was in her purple sparkly Sumire and we went ot Lisa's room while she was getting into her Musical Kanna. Left alone then meet back up for the Sakura Taisen group gathering. It was really small, just Char, Lisa, Annie, Lilli and I and got some pictures. Then opening ceremonies started and we waited for the karaok revue. I finally went up, COMPLETELY screwed up, was utterly humilliated and went to my room, which was now MY room cause Angela had shown up. I was embarassed I cried, but it was ok. Went back out and caught the end of the karaoke revue, was pissed I missed so much and took some more pictures with runny eye make-up. XD Dropped by Sarah's birthday party briefly then went to bed... in which Ashita Mike, who was right next door, was having a drinking party and kept Angela and I up until 3:30 4:00... damn BASTARDS! XDDD But it's ok because it's a con and people have their con parties and everyone was over 21 ^_^

Woke up sorta late and Angela and I rushed to put on Yuna and Rikku. OMG my ass was all over the place... O_O;;; I've never worn hot pants before that point in my life... dear god.. -_-() Anyway, went ot the HUGE FF gathering, got osme pictures and Angela and I headed over to the masquerade meeting. Got our forms to fill out and then yeah. I went back and got more pictures, goofed around somemore then Angela and I went to get some lunch XD Which we did, and it was good. We went to our room to eat it and Dean showed up! WEEE!~ We talked for a while then Angela left to do stuff and Dean and i talked for like.. jeezer, 3 hours more. XD I ironed Chii and put her on, then went out and got somemore pictures, lol. After this and that I FINALLY bought the freaking Yuna vinyl figurine! Took me freaking forever!! ::dies:: But I am SUCH a freaking happy Nessa right now. All I need isw Rikku and Lulu now *-* cause I ahve Auron and Seymore Evolution. *-* Anyway.. accually... I bought Yuna before I took Bootay Yuna off XD Anyway, missed the Chobits gathering (there was only four other people and they were all Chii's) then got ready for the masquerade craftsmenship judging, did that then left.. again. Went back to the room to relax and take of my wig and ears so they didn't start to dig into my skull. Then, masquerade goodness!! Did a simple walk on, no biggie ^_^ then waited in pain for the judges to return. FInally the masquerade was over!! Dude, Matt, you're a VERY UGLY PERSON!! XDDDD Wayne-sama said so! ^_^ Got out of Chii, went to the dance and harassed Will EVEN MORRREEEE XD. THen waited out by the pool with lots of people and like.. I dunno, around 4:30 I talked to Shaun for a bit then finally went to bed.

I got up and had to go be a guinea pig for S-Jam and their cross playing pannel XD They put me in Squall... hehehe. Took pictures, Will and I had some HYA shots while I was in Squall and he was in KH Squall then went to the first ever crossplaying fashion show where I was announced as crossplaying as Chrissy. Oh yes, you know it's true. Then I took it off and packed up... then really... I left ^^() AFTER I bought Spirited Away of course ^_^ All in all, Ani-Magic ROCKED ME! It was so much fun! I'm so happy I was able to go ^_^ No drama!!! WEEE!! No drama, that makes me even more happy ^_^ Everyone, you totally roxor me ^_^

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