Anime Expo 2002

Location: Long Beach, CA
Date: July 4th-7th, 2002
Costumes worn: Natsumi, Kyo, Wedding Yuna,KoF Kyo, Lala, Summoner Yuna

Tired, hungry, didn't like walking to Westin to see Kitty, which was a long way. Got settled into the hotel room with Lionel, Hai, Arty and Wayne. Also, Hai's friend Tran spent her AX with us in the room which was nice because then I wasn't the only girl ^^() However, on WEDNSADAY the roomm was thrashed. I figured it would be thrashed the entirety of AX becuase there were FIVE cosplayers in the room. Lol, but it was quit early. Dorked around with the boyz and Tran then passed out.

Woke up around 8:00 a.m. after going to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning. I showered and got into Natsumi *new*. Natsumi is just a fictionary martial arts costume I made up to prance around with Shaun XD. Had to wait in line for god knows how long to get my badge. Once that was over had to go to some masqurade meeting thingie, then to the judges to check into the masquerade. I was wearing Natsumi durring this... which I have like *no* picture of... Anyway... we decided that we would would practise our skit at 7:30. After this, I went off to look for Kitty, and around around around I went. She was no where to be found. I needed her boots so I could put on Kyo. So, I asked the Westin people if the could and they did let me into her room in the hopes that she had them on the floor or somethng, but she didn't... so I ended up falling asleep on the floor of Kitty's room waiting for her ot get back with the shoes. Strange, I know. I was really tired. Once I got the shoes, I went back to the Hyatt and into Kyo. So fun so fun! I am SOOOOO proud of the make job I did on Kyo this time around. I looked *so* good! *squeal* Kevin got the *best* picture of my in Kyo and I got glomped... a lot. Interesting experience to say the least. At 7:30 we practised the skit and that was that. After I got out of Kyo, I left the make up on *squeal* I was just so proud and I didn't want to take it off *o* and went to eat with lots of people and watch fireworks. Char showed up and we hung out the rest of the evening and did some Karaoke, which was SOOOOO fun! Not to mention I wrestled with Mel. Odd day XD but a normal Con day.

Perhaps the worst day of the con for me. I got up early again and sorta put on Wedding Yuna for the gathering at noon. I took my time to put her on XD I go downstairs and *shooooooom* I am molersted by photographers... so much that my Domo-kun purse was either snatched or kicked around to the point where I couldn't find it. I was assuming the worst of anime con goers at this point, "What kind of person would take someone's bag while they were taking pictures in costume!?!?!" SO yeah... I had a blast at the FF gathering and taking pictures with Christy and Carolina *o* I can't wait to see those! *squeal* Carolina and I were the only Wedding Yunas there, so that was great. I am not too sure what I did at this point, but I did something... o_O I got changed out of wedding Yuna, she can only be worn so long -_-() and wore a BS version of KoF 98' Kyo XD I was da pimp, oh yeah XDDDDD and that was all for laughs. XDDD A lot of us went out to dinner at Hooters, Kitty went in her new boobs and Tifa costume... silly ne? After this, I went to the dance, danced my ass off(@_@) and hung out the rest of the evening with Mike, Christy, Lala and Lindze. Oh yeah! And Wayne, being the sweetie he his, got me the FFX 2002 calender! This REALLY isn't a calender, it's just like buying 12 posters XD 3 of which I already have, but who cares! It's soooooooo f-ing awesome! XDDDD

I woke up uber late I was so sleepy x_x I threw on Lala really fast and went to the mandatory Masqurade meeting. I had to sit on the floor because of my cone XD. OH! And that morning, while I was still very very alseep, Wayne comes into the room with a domo-kun bag saying Con-ops had it. I thought this was a dream, but alas, it was true! I was more then thrilled. After the meeting Kitty got us into the dealers hall and I bought the Rachette figureine that Char told me Anime Jungle had XD Even Miki said I should cosplay her *o* Char, Miki, great minds think alike, oh ho ho ho ho! Wayne, Mel and I got back tot he masquerade place where I am insitant that I need to go and get into my regualr Yuna costume cause I *know* it will tke me about 2 and a half hours to get into... which it did! Poor Angela... she had *no* idea just how complicated my Yuna costume is... lol. I think she almost passed out from exasporation! XDDD ::pat pat:: Even 2 and a half hours wasn't enough time to get completely into it, I had to tak emy make-up down to the green room to finish getting ready. There, I had SOOOOOOOOOOOO many adjustions to my skirt, obi and flower to make that I was driving myself INSANE. Once we preformed and such we were seated int he back of the audinence(sp?) and watched the res tof the skit. Nadiene(sp?), AGSMA, Tiffy, you guys were SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! XDD I'm so happy I got to see your skits. When the awards were handed out, our group got Best In Show Craftsmenship Group award. I was happy and VERY shocked. I know that the judges would NOT have chosen our group if onlt one or two of the costumes had good craftsmenship, I.E. our Kimahri or Youjinbo, I know that it was everyone's costumes that had won it. I refuse to believe that we only won it becuase of Hiromi or Youseif(sp?) like the rest of them (Chel, Youseif, Lars, and most definatly Horomi who wouldn't even let Wayne HOLD any of the freaking prizes.) Mel, Hai and Wayne, you all had amazing costumes and just because your's were seen before doesn't take down their quality or the effort put into them. All of you deserved the award, NOT just Hiromi, even though the spot light wasn't and prolly will never be on us.

Got packed, waited for dad, durring which I hung out with Dean then Wayne in line for the Dealers hall and got this CUTE metalic/reflective Ed... paper thing from Kinokuniya... then I left! w00t!

AX was fun, but I've had more fun at Conventions. All in all, politics/drama SUCK. Fuck them, however I had a MAJOR blast! XD < // Back