Fanime 2002

Location: Santa Clara, CA
Dates: April 26-28, 2002
Costumes worn: Monkey, Lala, Summoner Yuna, Wedding Yuna

Drove up. Very boreing. Though the strange Xiao Yu stuff at the gas station was very fun. But yuck, that bathroom was NASTY. Nessa was not amused. Then had to deal with agrivating Justin not listening to me when I was totally RIGHT about the directions. GRRRR on you! You never listen to Nessa~! Even when she's right! -_-() When we finally got there about 8 p.m. we got into our room, went to the store and bought food so we wouldn't have to eat out at all. I slept well Thursday night, the beds were so comfy.

Got up and worried about Angela most of the day, lol. I had her arrival time mixed up so it was my bad. I put on my monkey costume which was very well recieved surprsingly, and strutted around. I wasn't as cold as I thought I would be, but I was cold enough. I bought some stuff in the dealers hall, my yuna lunch tin was my spontanious buy, oh how I lurve my Yuna tin XDD I signed up to the karaoke contest atound 5 or 6 and took a little nap in my room. I think I really freaked out Nando though when he came in with Justin. Note to self~ don't walk around in monkey costume half asleep ranting about strange thigns with person you don't know in the room. Some cosplayer dressed as Q from Street Fighter kept walking around and freaking me out! So I would always run away when I saw him, but it was really cute because he tracked medown and took off his mask and apologized say ing he didn't mean to scare me. He was really a nice guy ^^() Also, I have to include my Jenny flashings in the report. Jenny, never wear Vashette around me with no panties/thong again >D. You were so asking for it. I later changed into Lala and ran around like an insane Magical baby! The karaoke contest was LATE by an hour and a half, damn thing! The room was insanly hot, humid and it STUNK. I sung Koi no Dance Site and got into the finals of the karaoke contest, though Suteki Da Ne wasn't that spactacular so I didn't place at all. Anywho, have I was done with MoMusu, the MC said I made him randy. It was quite funny. Also, when Dean showed up, I like freaked out. i really didn't think he would make it! But he did *yay*... Though his nickname was GND2... Shaun and I took some nice pictures in my Lala costume which I can't wait to get back *.* His camera rox0rs! XD Also, I made good friends with Saku and Miya who were Japanese guest cosplayers at the con. They thought I was quite cute as lala even though my hat was killing me @_@ I saw them through out the con and we always said hi. They were so nice! We couldn't chat much because of that little thing called a language barrier, but it was still nice. Went back to room, passed out on floor cause Angela and lisa had the bed that night. So sweepy.

Woke up to a camera in my face. Thank you Dean. We got up and went to IHOP, yum yum, and got really fast service. When we got back I changed into regular Yuna and was absolutly, most insanly stressed out. I had to litterally fly to the Masquerade thing, and I wasn't even done putting on yuna @_@ Veru stressful. Wayne, Mel, Angela, Hai and I all walked around in our FFX costumes and Arty joined us with his Sera Myu, along with Dean. We went into the Dealers hall and I left being bored cause I had already been in there and went back to my room and ate something for lunch. After that I went back down and had an interview with Kyle for his new cosplay website and he took some pictures of me. *^-^* Rather good Yuna ones at that. I can't wait to see them. After a lot of us just chilled for a while, I went back up to the room with Angela who had to take off her Rikku wig *so perfect!* and I got out of Yuna. I did my hair and make-up for wedding Yuna, then got dressed around about 4:30 and had another crisis... my vinyl strap broke as I was putting it on, so I had to re sew it. It was quite stressful @_@ once it was all done, Dean and Arty snapped some pictures and we all headed down to the masqurade. Hai had cheaked in for us, yay, and there we waited for our turn. We wer ein the second group and so we waited a long while. Our skit was short and simple walk on, though when Hai went on everyone whent crazy for his sword XD After the shit was over we took some pictures then waited again. After the masquerade was over, I broke down from all the stress and started crying. OMG, I was so embarassed. Also, the stupid tech people wrote on my official FFX OST with permanent marker, the ass holes. Anyway, I talked to Tamara on the phone late and felt better. And I will only say this, damn you Dean and your blasted nick name! ;_; I some hows fell alseep in Michi's room, lost one of my contacts then when back to room and slept. ^-^ Interesting night.

Woke up, packed, went to the dealers room to see if I could get some good deals. I got some deals, but I wouldnt call them good. i got my Totoro cheaper, and a CD a bought, i think it was just because the guy at the Totoro booth thought I was cute and I know Steve from the Anime Pavillion booth. I also got the Yuna and Lulu pin XD I should ahve gotten more characters, but I didn't, didn't have that much money. After this I waited for Kitty and Shaun, felt very sick and took weird pictures with karrie and her Afro ken boxers. o_O; We left around 3 and got home around 10. I went to fansview to see pictures and then bed. I sleeped I did I did. Very deeply.
Monday My mom arrived at noon on Monday to Kitty's house and got Justin and I then I went home. That was my Fanime experience. I don't think I'll be attending Fanime again though, i didn't much enjoy myself at all, the panels were bad, the lines were always to long and people were really rude and anal about everything. No, not the staff or hotel people, the people attending the cons; the fans. Mean and anal. Nope nope. I didn't enjoy myself very much at all. >_<; < // Back